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Kendama USA Dave Mateo Pro Model – Dream Dama

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Descriere și caracteristici

The Dave Mateo Pro Model is the dream mashup. This Kendama consists of birch spike, padauk sarado, and a sassafras tama. This is the first ever tama painted with a 70/30 split of purple silk and a deep ruby gloss. After the break in period, the bite from around the bevel will allow a precise stick for tricks like birds & stilts. The silk at the top will grab your lunars, lighthouses, and also give you time to chase the balance from any combo. This one-of-a-kind setup was designed by Dave Mateo himself, with custom artwork you’ll only find on this model. Dave hopes this model will inspire you to reach for the stars and to always keep chasing your dreams

A Special Note From Dave Mateo:

„The dream Kendama is designed to remind players that any goal, challenge, or dream is attainable. I picked the colors; purple and deep ruby, because they are the two most common colors you see while dreaming. Coloration from the padauk sarado gives you a good sense of where your spike is located when going for things like multiple J-sticks, Ufo’s or Whirlwinds and gives great weight balance for all you lunar lovers. The three stars around the rim of the string hole is a reminder that the Tama hole is coming around and to reach for the stars. To add character, an open eye in big cup is a constant reminder to focus on attaining your trick or life dream. The Penrose triangle on small cup is never ending and an impossible shape to complete yet is still familiar to the eye making the shape or trick possible. Spike Hard Catch Low (SHCL) on the top of small cup is the definition of my Kendama play style. The spinning dream catcher completes the Kendama just like how I sometimes complete my tricks. Enjoy the dream dama and catch your dreams.”

  • Triple wood construction
  • Kaizen handle shape with traditional style assembly
  • Purple & ruby tama coated with our refined silk & transparent paint
  • Gold star print on top of the tama for tracking
  • Custom artwork burned into the handle, cups, and cup rims
  • Spike Hard Catch Low – Acronym on small cup rim
  • Kendama este un joc activ tradițional japonez care dezvoltă coordonarea mână-ochi, echilibrul, reflexele, și creativitatea
  • Fiecare Model Pro vine ambalat în cutie și are incluse intrucțiuni, o extra ața, mărgea și stickere
Avertisment! Nerecomandat copiilor cu vârsta sub 3 ani. Conţine sfoară lungă și piese mici care pot fi înghiţite. Pericol de ștrangulare și asfixiere
CategoriePro Model
Vârsta9 ani +
VopseaSilk (mătăsoasă)
LemnSassafras, birch (mesteacăn) și padauk
Dimensiune18 cm (7 inches)
BrandKendama USA
Cod produsPRO506
Cod intern91


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